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1.6 million 'British' voters already signed up to demanding change in 'Westminster'.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: 1.6 million 'British' voters living in 'Scotland' and unwilling to be 'British' are voters and have all known rights to participate in the pursuit of democratic change throughout the land, above all in 'Westminster' - far far above all, since that is the power centre. They have every right to demand change in 'Westminster' along with the whole country. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: This is a large body of people whom the mainstream's monologue oft ignores.


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Removal of resistance: And then there are the many millions who backed Corbyn in the face of much media spite and much fuel to the fires of classist hatred. Unification: The mobilisation of millions of people, directed towards effecting a strengthening of democratic state mechanism and the proper policing of concentrated private power is ever more possible with each passing day.
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