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Thrust of argument: A young (well, younger than I, so in her 30s or maybe on the brink of 40) woman I met in a part of London (in a particularly backward part of Putney right next to Wandsworth - the two of them, Putney and Wandsworth, together form one of the most backward and racist and warped parts of the great city of London - the specific area in question is Lower Richmond Road between Putney Bridge and on the way to Putney Common - the area is vastly different, for example, to Wimbledon Common - the latter is hugely pluralist, visibly so, and a wonderful place - Putney common, meanwhile, and its surrounds, is a land of racist tories, UKIPpers and crazed white christian fundamentalists who apparently hold somewhat insane views) I have generally felt is backward and full of crazed racists but foolishly decided to give a second chance to yesterday - said two deeply annoying and stressful things to me yesterday. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Firstly she denied that there is racism in Britain's workplaces which hinders opportunity for non-white, most of all asian, members of British society - indeed she, like many racists, working and middle class alike, I have heard say this, claimed that "asians work too hard". She is clinically obese and clearly lazy and stupid - so to her anyone who isn't clinically obese, lazy and stupid "works too hard". A fat, flatulent oaf, is what she is.

Secondly she claimed, fervently, that Einstein (the famous physicist, born Jewish, to become agnostic) was a devout catholic.


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Removal of resistance: When (in response to her claims that the Bible is a very sound book, which I alleged was actually a mostly bat-shit crazy book with a few good Jesus quotes in it) I tried to give her the address of this link: The words of "John B Good". she insisted that she could not take it or ever read it (ever), because she was too busy. Unification: People like her exist in droves and if you want Britain to no longer be an absurd, stupid, immoral, laughable, backward, village idiot of a country, you need to face this and educate idiots like her - obviously since I'm "not white" she won't listen to me so YOU will have to try. I 'look white' and so she was actually very impressed by me and interested in what I was saying until she discovered that I am 'not white'. Sadly. A hell of a lot of backward racist fools exist in this country - don't be fooled by the fact that Corbyn is rising - his rise hasn't yet made any real impact on how god damn racist a hell of a lot of British people really are. Corbyn has not done anything yet which can change the crazy racists among Britain's 'white' population. MUCH EFFORT is needed, above all by our Jeremy. You've got to change them, my brother. For their own good, and all of ours. They're bringing us down. Imagine someone so stupid as to strongly believe that Einstein was a devout Catholic. Einstein who objected to Israel's apartheid - and somehow this woman imagines Einstein loved the faith of the inquisition which hunted down and murdered so many jews, muslims and other 'infidels'!!! You need to be strong, Jeremy. You need to talk down to, harshly, idiots like Chuku Umuna, Alistair Campbell, Jess Phillips, etc - and you need to be even more harsh with the kind of idiots out there (whether they vote for you or not - and the crazed racist I met who believes Einstein was a devout Catholic was also very contemptful towards 'liberals' and basically hates you - but you still have to educate her).
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