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Whom are the British mainstream media, above all the right wing voices, attacking right now?   Share:  
Thrust of argument: I notice on the news and newspaper web sites I observe, the headlines for example picked on Facebook or MSN's front page - a number of regular targets of corporate media attack. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: As well, of course, as 'migrants', and 'muslims' and to quite a large extent 'non white' or 'non British, American, Australian, Israeli, Canadian' people (it often seems, to the exclusion of everyone else, although more often than that it's merely ALL 'non white' people whom our corporate media and our many insane racists love to hate and blame for what is really the fault of the insane racists themselves) - there are some other 'key' targets these right wing goons never stop demonising.


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Removal of resistance: In Britain this includes: the police, doctors, nurses, Jeremy Corbyn and anyone they can connect to him. Unification: Obviously in the USA police and doctors are in a different bracket. Why? Because in the USA the police and doctors are all basically a private army controlled from on high by corporations.

In Britain companies like G4S and various big corporations, no doubt many of them American, Australian, Israeli and Canadian, are apparently being scheduled to take over and control our healthcare, our local amenities and services, including our police, and no doubt much more.

Privatisation of all that is sacred is being pushed hard and those doing it want it to happen at an ever-increasing rate.

This is why it is important to not merely vote for Corbyn or 'campaign' for Corbyn etc, but in fact to understand what commercial society is and isn't, should be and shouldn't be. What the status quo is. What financial literacy means (economic literacy is neither here nor there). And so much more.

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