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Britain and other European nations must take responsibility for both their own imperial 'past' and for the USA.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Because countries like Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, etc have never satisfactorily 'repented of' their 'past' imperialist genocidal activities in regions like Africa, Asia, 'The Americas' (and in their own 'home' lands), the USA has inherited a kind of genocidal baton from them and is on a course to ultimately destroy Europe and Britain, one way or another, through its childish and maniacal military and economically-violent activities. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Much of the world will defend itself against the eventual meltdown and destruction, but the nations least able to survive include Britain, France, Germany, the USA itself and many other of those nations who refuse to finally take responsibility for the genocidal history Britain, Europe and North America have between them stretched out much of the last thousand years.


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Removal of resistance: It is imperative for the safety and future of Britain, France, etc - that these nations stand up and rein in the USA instead of bowing and scraping and facilitating this renaissance of European and British imperialism. Unification: To this end strengthening the state such that it can bring corporate power to heel seems to be crucial.
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