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Thrust of argument: Make of it what you will. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: There's a lot to read.


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Removal of resistance: Don't pause here, click the links and read it all. Unification: As far as I know, Chomsky is usually right. If you want to ask yourself what the crux of this issue is about, think about those Kurds, and also think about the actual nature of the Assad government, going back many many years - whatever the situation may be with regard to imperial intervention.

Without a doubt a cessation of violence throughout Syria and the world at the earliest opportunity is what I think is the number one priority, whatever else is the case, or isn't.

Pepe Escobar's esteemed opinion on the matter is this: "Condemning Sultan Erdogan is one thing.

Yet, for all practical purposes, Chomsky, David Harvey and Judith Butler, among others, are supporting the ILLEGAL presence and shady ops by Pentagon, CIA and assorted usual suspects in sovereign Syrian territory."
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