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Thrust of argument: We live in a time where a war is slowly being born, a huge one, dividing all humanity, all nations, both (and other) genders, all people young and old into two very warring factions - and if things are left as they are and we survive such risks as nuclear war and accelerating climate change, this is what awaits us, in all probability: science will end up taking up 'arms' against 'industry' and 'business'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: What corporations, business, industry, now government, the majority of media, 'professionals', and the general world outside of modern science (whose home is now the internet - resting place of Aaron Swartz, amongst other great scientists) call 'knowledge' or science or empiricism or reason - is a complete misnomer.

Most such people only ever refer to parrot-taught marketing, to sound-bites, to non substantive information - as science and knowledge. Thus it is that untruths are sold as truths, advancement spurned, progress halted, ignorance labelled wonder, stupidity labelled awesome, profits surge, health and individual independence of mind and body fades into our past.


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Removal of resistance: Right now the war is already in place - business uses smearing, violence, exclusion, wars, science uses demystification, unification, cultivating a sincere pursuit of truth (and therefore love). Unification: But as time goes on either science will use its wisdom to corner the corporatism and eradicate it - or the war will explode into something obscenely darker than things are today.

How many Telegraph or Guardian writers (or indeed readers) have even the basic attitude which would enable them to read and learn Feynman's physics course which I am now undertaking in the next leg of my journey?


Not even the 'science correspondents'. Indeed least of all them - for the mainstream, for the media - is all about show and display - to be good at putting on a show about science one is more and more likely to be not so good at actually doing the science. You learn disciplines in life. Most people are not capable of even learning one so well - and the only one most people learn is marketing, public relations. Indeed a person's scientific lack of naivety is measured not by what they have read, what they know, what they call the truth which really is the truth - but how 'street smart' they are, how well they come off in the eyes of others, how much they 'play the game' of corporatism and consumerism.
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