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Racism in Britain today.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: The racist treatment of young non-white Britain is undeniable and disgusting. British 'heritage', as perceived by many of Britain's most stupid and racist elements, is often seen as a 'great' thing and British society often perceives itself as modern and wonderful and its history as 'exceptional' - yet in reality Britain is a shitty racist cesspool and any claims that it is great are laughable, ridiculous. The first thing these fucking idiots need to do is fix their huge racism problem which makes them an utter laughing stock in the eyes of most of the humans of planet earth. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Corbyn rightly attacks May and other tories for their racist bullshit, their absurd policies, their pandering to imperialism and to populist racist ideas like those of Farage and Trump.


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Removal of resistance: But this overlooks the fact that it is the majority of British people who need to address THEIR racism - this point is important to understand and if British people fail to address it now, after this many centuries of being the idiots of the planet Earth there is very little hope for any kind of decent future for this island of fucking idiot hyperconsumers enslaved to American corporations. Unification: A lot of Labour supporters point at tories and call the whole lot of them racist - which is ignorant as many many tories are not racist, ie many voters, and a few of the MPs, just like many Labour supporters are not racist and a handful of Labour MPs are not racist.

The real problem is not something you can foist onto one 'party' or other - it is a problem which can only be solved when MILLIONS of white British people who are racist are taught, by great men like Corbyn, to not be such utter fucking racist stains on the human race.
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