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Thrust of argument: Al Jazeera reports: "The Palestinian Authority has declared Saturday a day of national mourning after 17 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces as thousands marched near Gaza's border with Israel in a major demonstration marking the 42nd anniversary of Land Day." Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Al Jazeera mentions: "More than 1,400 others were wounded after Israeli forces fired live ammunition at protesters and used tear gas to push them back from a heavily fortified fence, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health."


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Removal of resistance: Now just imagine that Putin had done that, not Israel, to Ukrainians, not Palestinians. Unification: Imagine what the British media and figureheads would be saying. What double standards they have. In fact anyone who shows any concern about these actions by Israel is being labelled 'anti-semitic'. It's not really possible to have any intellectual respect for such people or institutions - in the end they have dug the grave of their own credibility and nothing more can be done to save that credibility. A month from now it seems probable that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour, unharmed by the latest absurd smear campaign against him, will trounce the other parties.
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