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Silence of the UKIP publicists.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Racist Britain (ie UKIP, Tony Blair's followers, the majority of the Tory party) has really reduced the degree to which it is outrageously racist and islamophobic since Corbyn humiliated them about three times in a row (the leadership elections and then the general election). Direction of resistance / implied resistance: UKIP has turned from lion to mouse. And the British press is far more concerned with demonising Russia than muslims at the moment, scared shitless of how badly wrong their decade of sick racism has gone for them - the diseased racism of Blair's followers (who called MOSHE MACHOVER anti-semitic - go look him up, check him out and feel horror at their actions towards him) and of Cameron's followers and Farage's followers caused much of Britain to unite behind Corbyn - and we will stay united for many elections to come.


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Removal of resistance: To the racists I give this friendly advice: STOP BEING RACIST YOU FUCKING PATHETIC DICKHEADS. Unification: They will never have any credibility until they completely purge themselves of their love of white supremacism. Blair is long gone, now, and his followers need to get over it. Too many people in Britain don't want his racist crap, nor the racist crap of May, nor that of Farage. That's why Corbyn currently has a majority and why it seems likely that at the coming local elections Labour will TROUNCE the rest. I will definitely be voting Labour myself. If any apathy had seized me, the latest round of smears against Corbyn has re-awakened my desire to vote.
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