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The problem with almost all people living in the west (and similar societies).   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Salesmanship. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Basically the one, single 'skill' almost all western people I meet believe in and possess, in varying degrees, to the exclusion of all else, is 'salesmanship'. It has become the meaning of the word 'intelligent' for most such people - real intelligence is often, meanwhile, seen as weak and foolish because it generally contradicts the requirements of salesmanship.


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Removal of resistance: That's because real intelligence is founded on honesty and salesmanship is founded on deception. Unification: Some advert for kick boxing on a video on Dailymotion in which (ie the advert) two relatively annoying women selling their wares was what, at this time, brought this problem to my attention.

Salesmanship is just a form of deception used for the purpose of exploiting others. There's nothing at all good about it.

Be real, be someone, don't be just another tool attempting to make everyone else into a tool too. Or you're not really living.
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