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A lot of people who hate Corbyn are like very dumb pack animals.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: In Wandsworth and no doubt in places like Kensington and Chelsea you meet people who are tories who really hate Corbyn - unlike the sensible tories like Giles Brandreth you'd meet in nicer places than Wandsworth or Kensington (nicer demographically I mean). Direction of resistance / implied resistance: These Corbyn-haters are very simple beasts who have a few major beefs - (1) his attitude to genocide - they like it, he doesn't. They don't understand what 'mutually assured destruction' means, they love bombs, they hate what's different and they only feel safe if they are 'allowed' to bomb people. A 'leader' to them MUST be willing to kill 100s of 1000s of innocent people. Pretty fucking warped people, eh? But that's the smaller of their visible flaws.


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Removal of resistance: The main one, ie item number (2) in their list of reasons to hate Corbyn, and what makes them pack animals, is that they justify their hatred of Corbyn by telling each other what's wrong with him - and never reading what he writes or listening to what he says. His clear arguments for MAKING CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE QUEEN is ignored by these pack animals, these pack rats. They claim he wants to 'waste' money - and yet they are patently uninterested in getting OUR elected governments to make corporations stop ripping us off and stop stealing our tax money. They don't read what he says, they have no idea what his policies are - and so they are really just animals, not literate or informed or scientifically sound humans - just rats, interested in their bellies and somewhere to shit - and that's all they do - eat and shit. Unification: These pathetic pack animals need to understand that the main reason they hate Corbyn is that he's kicking their arse and that he will be Prime Minister - if he wasn't going to be, if he wasn't a threat to their ignorant values - they wouldn't hate him, they'd laugh at him and forget about him. They don't remember Galloway - they forget him, they have no need to openly loudly hate him. He has lost power and can do nothing to them politically any more - other than, of course, draw much much support to Corbyn.

Another thing the pack animals don't get is how racist Britain is and how much of 'non white' Britain has been desperate for Corbyn for decades - if they don't want him to have so much support, these pathetic pack animals need to address the thing which nobody but Corbyn wants to address - Britain's ABSURD racism problems. So if you're one of the pack animals - grow a fucking brain you pathetic dumb creature. We have beaten you. May is a joke and most of the human race across the planet is laughing at her - because you and her are no longer a threat. Corbyn is going to trounce you, you pathetic, genocidal fuckwits and apologists for huge theft of YOUR resources and money by corporations - you're too stupid to make corporations pay the taxes which they owe you and me and everyone in this country, you useless losers.
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