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Thrust of argument: TVhobo's new, growing, browsable index of phrases and keywords which lead to urls which may be quite relevant to those words and to grid points which may also be quite relevant to those words is part of a scheme to provide more and more and more clarity to users worldwide - enabling them to pin down ideas, facts, etc etc - with reference to more and more existing information. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: What the 'mainstream media' and corporate-captured 'establishment' (the unholy corporate-state nexus, in short) seeks to do is to persuade and never clarify - whether it is the advertiser who knows better than you, enough to not tell you that as well as getting lots of sex and cars you'll also get obese and maybe even get cancer, because of the thing they are 'persuading' you to do - or whether it is the nannying MP or journalist, or even your local nurse consultant standing in for a legitimate doctor at the walk-in center - holding back information from you which you are not 'responsible enough' to handle is common practise for these self-proclaimed ubermenschen.


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Removal of resistance: TVhobo is trying to do the opposite - to show you what you need to see to go and find out the truth for yourself - whether about the idiocy of your daily hyperconsumerism or the genocidal evil of those people you have allowed, through your passivity, to be your masters. Unification: Clarity, not persuasion, is the name of the policy. And it's not a game. So it's not the name of any game. Bernays-fed hierarchists are the ones who play games. We, here, need to deal in facts, reality, truth, really existing possibilities for progress, really existing progress.

The phrase 'really existing' which I have heard Chomsky use is a useful one - ie you can talk about 'science' vs 'really-existing science' (a discipline used to make people fat, diseased, likely to die from radiation - has a lot of cheek pretending it is a guardian of truth and progress!!!)
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