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Genuine 'feminist' principles under heavy attack from 'consumer feminism' and those whom some label "feminazis". This is a TERRIBLE TRAGEDY - decades of good work are being undone by jumped up fuckheads from Hadley Freeman to Tony Blair and his posse of widow-maker 'female MPs'.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: You do not have to go far to find men (and women) who have for decades very adamantly 'supported women's rights' - who have for decades acted in accordance with what decency requires of us when it comes to the contemporary problem of the oppression of women, whether in Washington, London or Berlin or whether in Kabul, Mexico City or Lagos - who have for decades supported this attitude and who live it and feel it - but who today dissociate themselves entirely from 'feminism' from today's 'feminists' and from the ignorant racist elitist power groups which claim to be feminists but which John Pilger labels 'consumer feminists'.

Some say, openly, that today feminism and gay rights movements are nothing more than an attempt by white women and white gay men to have 'their share' of the fascist, racist, imperialist pie - with no reference to values or decency, completely betraying their causes and selling out to the greatest ignorance of all.

Take a look at the article about Pussy Riot below in the references, for example, to be shocked by the kind of pure ignorance supported by 'Guardian feminists' - or read about the suicide of Cherice Morales - consider the impact of the vitriolic consumer feminist media and wonder how Hadley Freeman could sit there portraying the suicide as something caused by the trauma of rape - the behaviour of Cherice's English teacher does not appear to be in any way acceptable, but nor does Hadley Freeman's - and ignorant fuckheads like Freeman must take responsibility for what THEY do to young girls like Cherice.

In an article by Hadley I attacked a while ago, her pathetic, warped, ignorant and infantile prose style made it appear to readers, at first sight, that Cherice had been abducted and brutally raped and had thus committed suicide - in reality she 'loved' her English teacher, was underage by a year, had sex with him, confessed in a church, the news reached her mother, the man was arrested, the media witch hunted him and Cherice killed herself. Hadley Freeman needs to be ashamed of herself and should NEVER WRITE FOR THE PUBLIC AGAIN - what she owes Cherice is to shut the fuck up and stop being an evil fuck. What happened to Cherice is tragic. The judge's words about her were unacceptable. The English teacher's behaviour was absolutely irresponsible. And the press's response was totally unforgiveable.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The attitude of these mindless fuckwits who have hijacked feminism and turned it into a very genuinely imperialist and fascist movement is exemplified well by "Caity" Johnstone, a former Counterpunch writer, now firmly in bed with America's racist white right wing, who claims: "Men's sexuality is pretty simple: rub him the right way and he'll cum. Doesn't matter if he's got bills to pay or the hot water system just exploded or the in-laws will be here in twenty minutes and the house is still a mess - he's still good to go. Doesn't matter if he had too much to eat and feels bloated, or he hasn't had a shower in a while, or the kids are in the next room and could burst in at any moment - those are just more reasons to have sex." (If Caity raises her sons to be men who fit that description, somehow, then that is her sons - but as for how other women raise their kids, and as for the nature of men in general - of every last man - it is absurd for anyone to pretend that Johnstone's view is accurate in the slightest. She is a bitter, racist fuck who only seems to know dickheads - for like calls to like).

Such a warped view of men's sexuality sits side by side with the warped view of women's sexuality which sexist men take.

As one Counterpunch writer put it, Johnstone plays 'rhinemaiden' to some white supremacist American guy whose name I forget right now - she has no right to lecture men in general on anything. She should shut her stupid racist fucking mouth and learn to not be a sexist dickhead.


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Removal of resistance: What a tragedy it is that soooo many people who have fought the fight of gender equality over the decades of my life are being thwarted by corporatism which has co-opted nasty racist little fucks like Freeman and Johnstone and uses fake feminism as a new way of vote-gathering and corporate-dominated populism. Unification: Hillary Clinton's representing a man who raped a teenage girl was justified, yes JUSTIFIED, not only by Clinton but by much of the media, claiming she was just doing her job. For fuck's sake. How utterly disgusting. And how can one pretend therefore that Clinton could be a 'feminist' president? If her job as president is to make more widows, to thwart the rights of women to have abortions (how come the Democrats aren't fighting for abortion? Because it's not in their interests to do so - how feminist is THAT???) she will simply 'do her job'.

It is a real tragedy for women that feminism has been destroyed and that institutions like the Guardian and the Labour Party and the Democrats have become a new and sick face of corporate domination, one which represses the strength of that feminist movement through whose power alone writers like me were sheltered from the onslaught of racist fascism in our youths and were able to rise up and deliver to you what we deliver.

The word 'feminism' has lost all its meaning and is now merely a fig leaf used to cover more diseased crime.

Before Weinstein was outed as whatever the fuck he is - Freeman was attending his parties. Yes. She was WELL in bed with that sickness - and I am curious about how come Weinstein isn't in jail? Surely he's been accused of rape? Surely he needs to stand trial? Surely if convicted Weinstein must go to jail? What the fuck is going on here? And as for anyone who sits there reading the works of ignorant fuckheads like Hadley Freeman or Caitlin Johnstone - well done - YOU are killing the women's movement. YOU FUCKING IDIOTS.
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