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Thrust of argument: And so the list of alleged public servants goes on. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The plan is to cover every current MP and as much as possible of all potential candidates likely to oppose them at elections.


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Removal of resistance: And then to examine the data and perhaps make a list of the 'best' and 'worst' MPs. Also the points in question will be given as many relevant and useful keywords as possible in the browsable index as the highest priority, before all other writing which is currently going on picks up any further pace. Unification: So, who is Kemi Badenoch and what has she voted for and against? Let's take a look at this seemingly unheard-of MP with very little in the way of 'fame' - not a name which many would recognise as that of an MP, other than in her own constituency.

Well, let's go with these things which pop up before most other things, when researching her on the web: "Consistently voted against more EU integration" and "Kemi Badenoch has never rebelled against their party in the current parliament."

So a conformist.

Further on we find: "Consistently voted against UK membership of the EU"

and "Consistently voted against transferring more powers to the Scottish Parliament" (Scotland, you NEED Corbyn, your parties can't beat the tories, only Corbyn can).

Other than this there's nothing.

What if she were to vote against war and rebel against her party's genocidal backing for puppets of military dictators like Bush and Obama and Clinton and Trump? (Do I mean Bush and Obama etc are dictators or puppets of them? Well, whatever I mean, do any of us even know the precise truth? I mean ultimately it's one or the other, but seemingly weighted towards being the latter, and perhaps a bit of both, with a stronger element of the latter than the former - check that with Humphrey Appleby for accuracy if you like).

So what about the press?

This line is interesting: "As someone who experienced first-hand the inequities of corrupt, socialist regimes - having grown up in Nigeria often without water or electricity - she became a Conservative politician."

The jingoists at the Spectator hail her as an example of "The British Dream" - presumably some sort of white saviour view of the world, where all we non white barbarians need to be given opportunity by the benevolent white saviour and we can all thank God it's Christmas instead of you. And watch Friends on the telly. Badenoch's views on the tv show friends are important to read, without a doubt.
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