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Homelessness and poverty are a predicament, not a choice.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Everyone should be able to see the hygienist every six months, to have all their dental work done properly, to have doctors able to treat them freely and in a leisurely fashion when they're ill, no matter how small the ailment and no matter how big. Everyone should be able to eat enough, genuinely nutritious and unharmful food to maintain strong and healthy bodies. No hierarchy of 'work' nor claims about what they "deserve" has any place in that matter - everyone is entitled to eat enough healthy food and be strong. Everyone should have shelter fit for human habitation and deemed so by widespread evidence-backed consensus. This is a minimum requirement of an evolved human society. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The traditional "state"-based society divides humans up by material worth and thus can never ever deliver the ideal situation to us as a (unified) collective.


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Removal of resistance: To seek a stateless society rashly and unscientifically, however, only entrenches the traditional state-based system - and creates a risk of regression instead of progress - as well as other calamities (relating to our habitat, primarily). Unification: The traditional mechanisms are there in good faith and intrinsically the system has no objection, at its root, to using the mechanism to actually overpower the mechanism itself, and upgrade the situation to something provably better.

The process itself has to be carried out ingenuously, for 100s of years if necessary.

THIS, not facebook, not pictorial memes nor soundbites, is what "a new kind of politics" actually means. Evolution doesn't ever stop and say "okay, now it's okay to be ignorant for a while, because you've finished evolving". The lazy and infantile habits of humanity's past need to no longer be perpetuated casually by the many (not the few).
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