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Thrust of argument: F. Ivan Goldberg warns: "It is against this impending economic catastrophe, and the anticipated reaction of the American popular and working classes, that we need to understand something that has gone totally unreported in the mainstream press. The United States has for the first time in history established a Military Command ready to coordinate and carry out military operations in the heart of the American homeland. You’ve probably heard of Central Command (CENTCOM), located in Florida and coordinating U.S. military operations in the Middle East, and perhaps of the recently established Africa Command. There is now a Northern Command. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, it has its sights set squarely on the North American continent. In preparation for what it sees as the inevitable confrontation with the resistance of "its own" citizenry, "the U.S. government has gradually reduced long-standing legal barriers to military deployment within U.S. cities. Urban warfare training exercises now regularly take place in U.S. cities." (Robinson, Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity)

Along with contingency preparations to use military force against its own citizens, the U.S. government has recently passed legislation that gives legal cover to the use of such force. During the Congressional Christmas break in December of 2011 President Obama signed into law the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act authorizing the annual budget for the U.S. armed services. Embedded in the bill are provisions which gut our civil liberties as defined in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. In general, they define the entire world as a battlefield in the war on terror, with the implication that we are officially in a state of global civil war. As a practical matter it means that a person picked up anywhere, whether on the streets of New York or in the hills of Afghanistan, can be said to have been captured on a battlefield. In its specifics the provisions strip away the last line of defense between the coercive powers of the State and the protection of every American citizen from the arbitrary use of those powers.

The bill was passed with no congressional hearings, no public debate, and with hardly a mention in the mainstream media. The most relevant provisions in the bill for U.S. citizens are contained in Section 1021. It creates a federal statute to the effect that the government has the legal authority to arrest and place under military detention, indefinitely and without charges, any United States citizen, apprehended anywhere on earth, including on U.S. soil, who is suspected of participating in terrorist activities, or who is suspected of aiding or associating with any person or group intending to carry out terrorist activities. The statute authorizes legal detention "under the law of war without trial until the end of hostilities.". Since there is no end in sight to such hostilities, the statute in effect authorizes the military detention for life, without legal remedy, or even legal counsel, of any American citizen so much as suspected of terrorist associations. Mind you: not someone proved to have engaged in terrorist activities; but anyone suspected of having terrorist associations - however this may be construed."
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: If you are wondering why this is going on, the answer is not hard to find: "Which brings us back to Ferguson. What shocked the nation was not so much the shooting of an African-American teenager by a white police officer (people of color are shot by white policemen in American cities almost every day of every week), but rather the savagery of the police response to those protesting the killing. For several nights the television images coming out of Ferguson were such that one would be hard pressed to distinguish them from the images filmed during the second battle of Fallujah in Iraq. The militarization of local police departments, a phenomenon going on for years but given scant coverage by the corporate media, was on full display for all to see. What was not so clear was the reason behind this transformation of local police departments into urban security forces. However, the reason becomes apparent once we realize that there is just as much need for the containment and control of the American superfluous workforce as there is for its counterpart in Asia or Africa."


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Removal of resistance: In the course of 30 years, during the time the children of today grow into adults with a bit of experience, we are likely to enter a period of history more painful than that of Nazism or the British Empire or Genghis Khan or anything grisly. Unification: Unless we can do something intelligent about this. That means YOU making at least one decision today: not to be a sucker for consumerism any more. Consumerism is the lifeblood of the military industrial complex. Learning how to not just give into it is crucial. It can't save you. But it can cut the chains and give you some chance of saving yourself. More than you have now, anyway. If you're a consumer with no will of your own. Even that 1% which will enslave you is itself enslaved to the consumerism - nothing else drives any creature to turn away from their nature so far that they would do that to others just like them, on the whole, biologically speaking. Break the spell. Ignore the brands and the advertising. They are the cutting edge of barbarism and ignorance and they want to make you theirs.
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