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Would the BBC consider an ad hoc security force acceptable for British protesters too? (click HERE for previous point in thread)   Share:  
Thrust of argument: When neo nazis are "ad hoc security".

In 'Ukraine' when an armed coup involving neo nazis who openly support Hitler was launched with 'US' money and overthrew the democratically elected government, the BBC referred to armed rioters in Ukraine as "ad hoc security forces" of "protesters".

On the topic of the killing by neo nazi forces of Ukrainians' in 'Odesa'/'Odessa', Counterpunch writes "Photos of the victims of the Odessa fire which have been circulating on the Internet have cast doubt on the official version of events. It's now clear that many of the anti-junta activists who occupied the Trade Unions House were neither burned to death nor died of smoke inhalation, but were savagely shot at point-blank range by agents and thugs who had infiltrated the building to kill as many of the occupants as possible, burn the corpses, and then slip away without notice. Some of the victims - like a young woman who was eight months pregnant - were strangled with an electrical chord and left slumped backwards over her desk in a room that shows no sign of fire or smoke damage. In another case, a woman was stripped naked from the waste down, raped, killed, and set ablaze."

Tell your children why you and your mainstream media have just hidden from those facts, not faced up to them and are continuing to support the people who did that killing and who are killing every day - even today, even yesterday, even tomorrow.

What will you tell your children? When they ask why none of you stopped these crimes, why you were accessories? Who knows what future circumstances they will be asking in. History indicates that, as children of criminals, it will be from a vulnerable position. My sympathy is with them. For now they are innocent. Just like those people who died in 'Odesa' in the horrible ways described.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: I'm interested to know what would be an ad hoc security force protecting democratic protestors standing up to NHS cuts, austerity and dodgy American trade deals in say London?


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Removal of resistance: It's an interesting question. Unification: The media, not I, has asked it - by using the term to describe the violent undemocratic thugs in 'Ukraine' who overthrew a majority-elected government using firebombs and rifles.
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