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Thrust of argument: Go to the link below. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Admit that the top of the page seems to tell you that Russian planes did something against international law and may have been preparing to nuke England. It gives you that kind of story, leaving it to your imagination - so the extremity of your assumption is down to you.


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Removal of resistance: Then, near the end, where less than 10% of the readers reach, it tells you "The spokesman said there was no particular reason for concern over Russian warplanes flying in international air space, but that such exercises were shadowed by Nato aircraft as a precaution and to protect civil air traffic" - so basically there was no reason to do it other than to make a show of pretending Russia is dangerous and wasting money on prancing around with military toys like a bunch of dickheads (and Russia is no less guilty of THAT).

Who is "the spokesman"? They don't make it completely clear, but it is relatively clear - "Nato said". That's who. A NATO spokesman said pretty much that it wasn't actually illegal but we were a bit upset and so you should all consider it pretty much illegal. These are sick military fucks. Sickos. Such lies are a sick sick sick thing. And in broad daylight. Easy for even a 12 year old school child to spot, and many would, if shown the information, and many are.
Unification: The url is named "raf-russian-bomber-uk-airspace", the article is named "RAF intercepts Russian bomber approaching UK airspace" - it basically misinforms you by dancing close to a sensationalist lie without being detailed enough to tell you either the truth OR a lie. It is therefore deceptive and a lie in spirit - it embraces the spirit of lying. It is propaganda. Another example of the Guardian being a TOOL. That's right. A TOOL.
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