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"Speed and agility are key for the counterpuncher, as well as a willingness to patiently chase down every ball to frustrate opponents."   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Bits of truth can be like punches, to a weak or lost mind. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: You have to make them leave an opening before the punch is likely to hit.


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Removal of resistance: They will block a lot, so the art is to hammer and hammer and hammer until gaps open and you can punch and that makes them weaker and worse at blocking from that moment in the match - and your persistence will make the truth get through in the end. Unification: I once read this about players in tennis who favour counterpunching - a bit like how Rumpole of the Bailey favours defense, not prosecution: 'Speed and agility are key for the counterpuncher, as well as a willingness to patiently chase down every ball to frustrate opponents.'

Floating around the internet, with that information, I also just dug this up: 'Counterpunchers also have a tendency to anticipate and are usually equipped with extremely good passing shots, thus enabling them to turn lots of defensive situations into offence. The game of the defensive counterpuncher has more to do with physical endurance and willingness to get every ball back in play as well as mental determination to keep from getting bored or trying for too much. Their game plan often involves moving their opponents to the back of the court and outmanoeuvring their opponents.'

Bear all this in mind, I suggest.

I'll add all the references asap, and find further sources on the same concepts.
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