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Defending soldiers against corporations.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Eric Mann writes "There are at least three gifts we can give to the veterans and G.I.s on veterans day. One is to bring all the troops home, close down all 800 U.S. military bases, provide 'jobs or income now' and the most extensive program of medical and psychological support for the vets–and the entire working class–and to demand that our government apologize to the peoples and nations all over the world for its wars of aggression and apologize to the working class men and women it sent to kill and be killed to expand its empire." Direction of resistance / implied resistance: When I worked at an unscrupulous conference sector marketing firm in the city, which is doing very well, and where insanely racist, sexist, homophobic and just plain illegal cold data gathering was used to pump big big 'pipelines' of sales full of cash, one of my more sordid and fucked up bastard peers, a senior runt, was mocking soldiers, saying they're all racist nuts who go off to do lots of killing. Meanwhile he sat there, powering the corporate pipelines with his professional deception and pure bastardy, he - and people like him - being the real culprits behind the military crimes of Britain and the USA.


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Removal of resistance: Mann points out "One of the most cruel and vicious lies of the system is to claim that the G.I.s came home from Vietnam to derision and hatred from a hippy, Black militant, radical anti-war movement–when in fact just the opposite was true. The anti-war movement was deeply involved with the G.I.s themselves, lead by a broad united front including many G.I.s." Unification: It is everybody's duty, even yours, to defend OUR soldiers - all soldiers - from the corporations - to do as Mann suggests.
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