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The far-right sees Islam as a more popular talking point than anti-Semitism, and seeks to rally supporters through the former while obscuring the latter in a Zionist position that seeks to keep Jews out of Europe.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Alexander Reid Ross writes "The more that right-wing populism can obscure its racial ideology and fascist roots, the more of a mass appeal it has. While it gains mass appeal based on central talking points, its imagery and symbolism begins to proliferate. Hence, DIJ and their fans claim to be non-anti-Semitic, because they work with Jews sometimes, and support the State of Israel. Mass-murderer and white supremacist Anders Breivik also supports the State of Israel, as does the French National Front and countless far-right parties in Europe gaining international legitimacy from Zionist claims while retaining and supporting anti-Semitism in Europe. Indeed, this is precisely the 'Third Position' proposed by Strasser: fascism through pseudo-anticapitalist racial separatism rather than Imperialism.

The important German newspaper, Der Speigel, points to this trend, opining (correctly) that the far-right sees Islam as a more popular talking point than anti-Semitism, and seeks to rally supporters through the former while obscuring the latter in a Zionist position that seeks to keep Jews out of Europe."
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Evidence Ross presents regarding 'DIJ' is very damning indeed: "I recalled my conversation with the band's promoter, who claimed that, just as Marilyn Manson and Slayer use Nazi imagery, so too should Death in June blur the lines of acceptable communication.

Neither Slayer nor Marilyn Manson contributes money to genocidal causes. On the other hand, the singer of Death in June visited a genocidal Croatian militia during the ethnic cleansing of Serbs in 1992, recorded an album called 'Something is Coming' from Croatia at that time, donated to a Croatian nationalist military hospital, and has reportedly called Serbs 'barbarians,' declaring his decision to give substantive support to the genocide to be a 'cultural' and 'Euro-socio' decision (I hardly think that this approach is defensible in terms of Guy Debordís Situationist theory presented in Society of the Spectacle; in fact, it appears more like a reproduction of the spectacle of European nationalism and white pride). Slayer and Marilyn Manson also did not publish music on far-right-wing record labels, whereas DIJ has published songs on extreme- right wing compilations (such as one commemorating the Nazi propagandist and documentarian, Leni Reifenstahl, whom Susan Sontag wrote up as a fascist long after the end of the war in the essay 'Fascinating Fascism'); neither do they belabor Nazism as the principle aesthetic aspect of their approach. Slayer and Marilyn Manson also have not applauded atrocities against immigrants and people of color, whereas witnesses state that DIJ's lead singer once dedicated a song to the 'White Wolves' (who bombed two markets in England, killing 3 and injuring more than a hundred back in 1999)."


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Removal of resistance: Ross adds "Among the greatest dilemmas for contemporary radical movements, such as the ecology movement, is how to deal with and identify reactionary tendencies, such as white nationalist claims to 'blood and soil,' which claim a hierarchy of national belonging based on the number of generations one's family has lived on 'the land.' (It apparently doesn't matter if someone's family moved to Wisconsin from Germany in the 1910s, and then to California in the 1990s; they are still more 'US American' than a Guatemalan or Chinese immigrant who moved to San Diego in the 1970s, even though they have relatively no 'connection to the native soil,' according to this position.) Even the most acceptable version of this tendency, which asserts that Indigenous peoples maintain true rights to the land, claims that there are still hierarchies promoted amongst white nationalists as to how US American they are, and this way of thinking seeps into the broader counterculture. For instance, I was recently told by a very well-respected and well-known 'radical' (who happens to be blonde) that I was less of a US American, because my parents are immigrants. When I told my very non-'radical' friends from Houston about this exchange during a recent trip to Texas, they were totally appalled by my 'radical' friend's pretense. It just goes to show that ostensibly non-'radical' people from the South can understand antifascism better than pretentious 'radicals' in Portland, Oregon." Unification: More people in the 'British' establishment need to take all of this seriously. More people in 'Britain' on the whole need to. This is our problem. We need to provide some kind of educational solution which will undermine any tendency among anybody to veer in the direction of fascism, a very serious, a very dangerous, a very catastrophic problem we are facing in a worryingly accelerating fashion today in 2018.
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