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Thrust of argument: Andre Vltchek writes "Entire modern and ecological neighborhoods are growing up all over China; entire cities are being built, with enormous parks and public exercise grounds, with childcare centers and all the modern sanitation facilities, as well as wide sidewalks and incredibly cheap and super modern public transportation." Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Vltchek points out "While China's transformation into a middle-class socialist society is clearly a miracle (but more than a miracle, it is actually proof of the superiority of central planning, and of the general excellence of the system), perhaps the single greatest success on our planet in the last 100 years, the Western Left mumbles something about what has happened is actually not pure, that it is not really Communist, and that in many ways it is all extremely sinister."


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Removal of resistance: We should all be humbled by the example of 'China' and realise what "exceptionalism" really can mean, if we stop making it mean "white man and his token black friend". Unification: This article by Mr Vltchek (see the references below) is a must-read for anyone who is not stupid.
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