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Beaten repeatedly by Alex Cockburn, legend among thinkers.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: In the lifetime of the grid, I have come to see two debating positions of mine thwarted by the words of the late Alex Cockburn, about whom you can go and read. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: What I read by Idries Shah taught me a great deal about what 'religion' really is but I omitted to follow Shah's humility towards religion until I watched a video of Cockburn talking lucidly about what's wrong with hating religions and with generalising about them in inaccurate ways.


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Removal of resistance: Moreover, my belief that guns should not exist is slightly different to what it was thanks to Cockburn's strong case for self-defence. Unification: I have recently bought 'A colossal wreck' by Alex Cockburn and will hopefully read it soon. Still working slowly through Necessary Illusions (by Chomsky) in various formats.

I loved hearing Noam Chomsky counterattack accusations against him - I must memorise and quote a lot of his statements in that argument.

So there you go. People who are from the right or far right, even neoliberals in all their forms, who universally pretend that I don't accept criticism or like to hear those who attack me, it's the complete opposite. My heroes are who they are because they are people I can learn from or have learned from.
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