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The denial that individualism exists and is a positive force. (click HERE for previous point in thread)   Share:  
Thrust of argument: One method of discouraging independent minds, creative behaviour, individualism etc - is to try and polarise people's view of their choices. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: On the one hand is obedience, subservience and being given everything you want in exchange for agreeing to want whatever you are conditioned to want.


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Removal of resistance: On the other hand, the false view maintains, is the extreme egotist, who disobeys to the extreme and must be reined in. Unification: Groundhog Day is an example of this foolish view. It shows how the view is used to actually promote being a manipulative fuckwit.

Few portrayals exist in mainstream American film where individualism is celebrated. Rather, individuals are usually singled out in American films only to be scapegoated and demonised.

Examples where American films have done the opposite, have achieved amazing things, include Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel's version of Rhinoceros, as well as Catch 22 with Alan Arkin, and all of the seasons of the TV series MASH. Patrick McGoohan's masterpiece, The Prisoner, stands out as a fine example of the promotion of individualism. The episode called 'The General' is extremely important to know about and I'll write about it some time soon. First I'll sit back and re-watch it on DVD. One of the first DVDs I ever bought was a box set of The Prisoner and I still have it. It spent a long time in storage, curiously enough. A bit like Number Six.
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