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Hollywood's manipulative, backward, oppressive ideals in plain sight.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: I like Bill Murray in many films, including Groundhog day, but that film is full of crap. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: A man repeatedly learns to parrot everything required to make a particular woman think she loves him, have sex with him and, it is implied, marry him in conclusion.


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Removal of resistance: He learns French poetry to impress her - rather than to share anything of value with her.

That's just one example. There are others - e.g. he orders her favourite cocktail and does other things which are in fact just deceptive.
Unification: In other words Murray's character uses Niebuhrism to manipulate and control the woman he wants to take sexual control of. It is presented as acceptable and 'romantic'. Its makers and fans are oblivious to real love, which can only exist between two people who are not manipulating each other.
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