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Thrust of argument: I wrote about events from years ago:

NATO contradicted itself over bombing Chinese journalists.

In 1998, Jared Israel explained in Counterpunch what NATO released to the press about why it killed Chinese civilians in the Chinese Embassy in Serbia.

From the outset NATO claimed to have been trying to hit a different building. Due to apparent inaccuracy they revised their statement several times.

The fact that NATO accounts were contradictory, unreasonable and in many ways unbelievable was not successfully covered up by NATO.

NATO admitted bombing Yugoslav journalists they accused of propaganda and China was sympathetic to Yugoslavia and was defying NATO.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: That is clearly an act of war against China by NATO. So the question is whether you, if you call yourself a citizen of a 'NATO' country and willingly accept NATO as part of your identity, are happy that you have declared war on China and killed unarmed Chinese people, namely journalists, in order to silence them and show your strength?


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Removal of resistance: If not, I'd tell NATO to disband. You can easily do that. Unification: Do you REALLY want to be at war with China? Not just economic but military war, where you shoot their journalists dead using soldiers and then lie like children about it instead of apologising and changing your ways?

Read about China's economic status and position in the world and its defensibility against NATO before you make up your mind, I suggest.
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