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Thrust of argument: Andre Vltchek writes 'It is a deadly, shameful obsession; partially based on a desperate desire to maintain the belief that the West is not finished, yet, and that to a great extent it is still superior to the rest of the world. Europe is portrayed as 'unique', as different to the United States, as something that is worth admiring - or at least its past and its essence. It is never propounded or defined like that, of course, but this belief (and yes, it really resembles a religious faith) indirectly points out that it is quite legitimate that the West (or at least a big part of the West) continues its rule over our planet. It is obvious that many men and women from the Left, living in North America, actually believe in Western 'Exceptionalism'; not that of the United States, but that of Europe.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Naturally if you are an 'outsider' living in the west the jarring disparity between the perceived exceptionalism and the widespread mediocrity cannot escape you.


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Removal of resistance: Indeed for those who are not 'technically' outsiders, but who are also outsiders, whether artists like Hunter S Thompson or Eugène Ionesco or whether you are some Tony Benn or Alex Cockburn or Noam Chomsky or M.G. Piety - the horror is no doubt 'worse' in many ways. Unification: There is no refuge. The thirst among such women and men for change is ever-present. It is an inherent part of one's own identity, or perceived identity, that one wishes to change.
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