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September 17, 2012 was the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement, and sadly enough it was a sentimental fare illustrating not only the good intentions but also the enormous limitations of the movement.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Gilbert Mercier writes in Counterpunch that 'ultimately, what made the non-violent message of Jesus so powerful was his own sacrifice in the extremely violent act of the crucifixion. Martyrdom is what gave Christianity its political power, and how it eventually sapped the Roman empire.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Non violence needs much more embracing. The films and tv which glorify it and make impressionable people find it 'cool' and use it and think it some superiority, some 'classy' thing - need to go.


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Removal of resistance: Nonetheless, if Chomsky is right that stopping a child running into the street by force, to save them, is legitimate force, then why rule out the idea that Occupy is entitled to use legitimate force? And what could such force be, in the face of lawless violence levelled at them unimpeachably? Mercier argues 'Hedges, in particular, quickly made it his business to tell Occupiers what to do and think. Occupy was always a patchwork of different ideologies, from peace movement activists to neo-Marxists and Anarchists. By calling anarchists the 'cancer of Occupy', Hedges drove a wedge in the movement and did the bidding of the Obama administration. His action to drive the Black Bloc out of Occupy completely emasculated the movement in North-America.'

Chomsky and Naomi Klein he finds guilty also, of this.

Mercier goes on 'A great fear of the police state repression apparatus is a key ingredient in this. Sadly enough, I would say that, as opposed to the lofty non-violent credos, this fear is actually the main deterrent against Occupiers fighting back.'

And he adds 'It is time for Occupiers and Indignados worldwide to fight fear, and discover their backbones to become united in this global revolution. It is time to harvest the power of the mob, the power of the 99 percent. Revolutions have villains, heroes, martyrs and footnotes'.

If this is all so and true, then remember that there are many many ranks in the mechanisms of the military industrial complex. Financial war is in fact the main battlefield and the way everyone, from Trayvon Martin or Palestinians to you in Camden in your office job - are all contained and when required exterminated.

Guns and fists aren't by any means a 'powerful' or 'mighty' show of force.
Unification: Seven years on from September 17th 2011, perhaps a new effort needs to be made to help the state overthrow corporate power before its too late.

An Occupy movement worth its name would exist everywhere, in homes all over the planet, and start with escaping from hyperconsumerism. As the poet Sting sings: (people) go crazy in congregations, they only get better one by one.
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