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Revolution starts with yourself. It is an interior battle. If you cannot conquer yourself, you are already conquered by anyone who can. Give up or conquer yourself. There is no one else to beat.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: 1. The problem is a corrupt society.

2. Most people in it are mentally behind what they could be.

3. Most people in it are a mess and are ethically tampered with.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: therefore

A. You cannot just overthrow power, give it arbitrarily to a large consensus, and expect anything different. You will see the same shit again and it is a pointless change.

B. No matter what you want in life, the most obvious thing to do is to stop being corrupted yourself - mental laziness must be fought first, then your desires and habits. You point at corporations gladly, or whoever, but you buy what they sell, you respond to their ads, you let yourself be controlled and though it's not your fault, it's up to YOU to fix it.

C. If we do not address the problem in a way which is checked in advanced (planned, precisely) for its integrity - then you will suffer even more, not less, and you will increase global suffering more, you won't fight it.


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Removal of resistance: fortunately

Appendix I: It's okay, it's much easier to fix all this than you now think. In fact all you can ever control is your own integrity. But that is really all which needs controlling. When you do it, others who see you will include a minority who are inspired to do the same, and it knocks on from there. Always will. So it is true to say that if YOU have 100% integrity from now on, before long you'll have impacted a hell of a lot of people worldwide just by being yourself.
Unification: Some sources from whom you can read/watch more about this sort of thing include, I feel: Counterpunch, Chomsky, Idries Shah, Vltchek, MASH 4077, Catch 22.
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