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The first a priori of the enlightened person or society.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: A decent modern intelligent and 'civilised' society would never take as an a priori that it is 100% right and that any other system, 'culture', approach, way of living (etc) in the world must, where different, change to be the same as the subject. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: No.


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Removal of resistance: And yet the USA certainly openly visibly and fully takes that a priori. Unification: I was working my way through the second chapter of Necessary Illusions when it occurred to me that I should write this particular thought down. I will substantiate it later but of course it is fully substantiated on my grid and indeed in the second chapter (and other chapters) of Necessary Illusions (by Noam Chomsky, MIT). Chapter two of that book is called 'Containing the enemy', which should tell more intelligent readers roughly why it led me to the utterance above.
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