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The 'allied forces' and their hired goon Klaus Barbie and his job to remove the anti-fascist resistance in France.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Chomsky points out: 'recruiting Nazi war criminals and saving them is bad enough, but imitating their activities is worse. So the first chapter would primarily describe US-and some British-operations throughout the world that aimed to destroy the anti-fascist resistance and restore the traditional, essentially fascist, order to power'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The way the mainstream sells this sin is by labelling those they hired the Nazi to kill with the word 'communist'.


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Removal of resistance: Not only is this a generalisation and no doubt inaccurate far too often for it to even be the right word, it is by no means a genuine justification (as if any exists) for nazism. Unification: In fact as Necessary Illusions will help you discover (if you take the time to read it) the emotionally potent oversimplification, calling things 'communist', is used to stop you bothering to find out facts, rather than to give you any.
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