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Thrust of argument: Feynman teaches 'All we know is that as we go along, we find that we can amalgamate pieces, and then we find some pieces that do not fit, and we keep trying to put the jigsaw puzzle together. Whether there are a finite number of pieces, and whether there is even a border to the puzzle, is of course unknown. It will never be known until we finish the picture, if ever. What we wish to do here is to see to what extent this amalgamation process has gone on, and what the situation is at present, in understanding basic phenomena in terms of the smallest set of principles. To express it in a simple manner, what are things made of and how few elements are there?' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: More precisely, he tells us 'A description of nature is what we are concerned with here. From this point of view, then, a gas, and indeed all matter, is a myriad of moving particles. Thus many of the things we saw while standing at the seashore can immediately be connected. First the pressure: this comes from the collisions of the atoms with the walls or whatever; the drift of the atoms, if they are all moving in one direction on the average, is wind; the random internal motions are the heat. There are waves of excess density, where too many particles have collected, and so as they rush off they push up piles of particles farther out, and so on. This wave of excess density is sound. It is a tremendous achievement to be able to understand so much.'


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AT APPROX 832.50 rsa (at half strength)
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Removal of resistance: So all the music I listen to, all that part of my entertainment and learning, is all achieved by harnessing the capacity for excesses of density in air.

Lennon once invited people to imagine there's no countries, and no heaven and all sorts of other things which aren't so hard to imagine any more.

I challenge you to imagine harnessing the capacity for excesses of density in air - for we really do it. And few consider that this is how complex we are. They pick their products out, they buy them, they consume them, they accept their masters' decrees.
Unification: Read his lectures via the link in the references below and no doubt it would benefit you to buy and watch his lectures on some video format or other, and also to buy his many works and read them, and to enable your children to have access to all of this, humanity's most important work.
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