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At the University of North Dakota, one-third of male college students surveyed asserted that they would rape a woman if they would face no repercussions.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Sara Phillips and others write 'We begin by recognizing that violence against women is rampant in our society, and that the narratives justifying it are structured by the idea that men are naturally more aggressive, more intelligent, and lead more important lives than women.

Men are told to be aggressive and talk more; women are told to be submissive and talk less. Men are trained to take up lots of space and be proud of everything they do; women are trained to feel guilty and apologize for taking what they need. The violation of women’s physical and emotional boundaries is the inevitable result of such social conditioning, and leads to the everyday practices that make rape and sexual assault commonplace.

The proportion of the violence is astounding. In a study recently conducted at the University of North Dakota, one-third of male college students surveyed asserted that they would rape a woman if they would face no repercussions.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The writers want more 'community accountability'.


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Removal of resistance: I'm sure there must be, whether it is concealed by corporate lobbies or not, an overwhelming majority who want to see these changes immediately. Unification: There can be no higher priority for a Prime Minister in our times and at least Corbyn wants to do something about it - he may have to get past a lot of corporate-owned consumer 'feminists' (fake feminists) to get there, but he has the will and the drive.

Nonetheless, Labour remains firmly owned by corporations and Corbyn will have a tough time doing anything he wants to at all - he may only end up doing a few beneficial things in the areas of worker rights - that may be the most he'll 'get away with' - and not much either - no real attempt by the state to be in control of corporate ethics, rather than vice versa.

If we want Corbyn to do these things we have to stand right next to him, we have to go down and do the democratic thing - protest, lobby, petition, develop organisations which are parallel to the state's and work with them - we have to help him - he comes down to protests and it has to go both ways, we have to go to the front line where he fights and fight with him, at his side, against so many Labour stooges, Tory goons, UKIP eejuts, the DUP, all of these fools, this shower of corporate-owned mindless dinosaurs, young and old.
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