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Facebook makes millions of people think professional journalism is about public relations and graphic design.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Facebook is where not just one or a handful of individuals (with their little work forces) enforces the cultural models of 'the western world' - but where MILLIONS of people from 'every side' of 'political spectrums' enforce that regulation firmly, demeaning and atomising themselves and absolutely worshipping the 'western cultural model' of information dissemination, of what is deemed 'professional'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: In other words millions of nobodies gleefully, like smurfs, whether left or right wing, rich or poor, classist, anti classist, feminist, sexist, racist, anti-racist or whatever - leap onto the idea that if they can do up a front end which looks as 'professional' as 'the mainstream' - then whatever they output really is 'professional'.


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Removal of resistance: The art of exhaustive rational analysis is lost. I know certainly. I practise it in painful detail. The general response of the 'new media' posses is to see the very idea of spending so much time on words and analysis to be a mark of stupidity. Unification: Their soundbite ways are a tragedy and anyone with a mind can see that.
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