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The dishonesty of estate agents demonstrated rather shockingly.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: I saw a property on Zoopla which I felt may be a good quality item - it's often hard to tell these days - agents seem to push a lot of properties which have very bad smells and according to shelter over 30% of privated rented accommodation in Britain is not fit for human habitation. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: So this agency I went into - having seen a property I wanted them to show me, assigned some young naive girl to sit down and take my details and make an appointment for me to view stuff - when she asked me what my requirements were I told her forthrightly that it has to have an immaculate inside with no smells. I explained to her how many various agents had over time shown me flats which are unfit for humans, where smells from damp primarily are easy to detect.

She tried to claim this wasn't true - she said that some people are sensitive to smells but not most people - and that the properties in question are all okay (which contradicts what Shelter claims about the situation as well as the experiences of millions of tenants).


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Removal of resistance: I told her that this was not so and that I could cite many many examples of agents who had shown me genuinely unfit properties. She then said I was insulting her industry and wasn't sure she wanted to show me any properties. But she decided to give me a 2pm appointment anyway. Unification: Then when I had left her manager rang and told me that I had made her uncomfortable and that they didn't want to show me any properties.

This is how they react if you forthrightly insist they only show you properties which Shelter would consider fit for habitation.

I will not name them yet - but it does show what a serious problem Corbyn faces - dealing with the dishonest of most estate agents is a big big battle and their dishonesty is destroying the short term future of the property industry, perhaps much more.
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