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Immoral (and in terms of the spirit of the law, CRIMINAL) behaviour against the people by local and national government in Britain.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: SaveOurHospitals (of which the legendary Bill Bailey is a member) writes 'On September 10th 2014 two A&Es in NW London, at Central Middlesex and Hammersmith Hospitals were prematurely closed with the claim that each was 'unsafe'. Ironically, in the CQC inspection of NW London Hospitals Trust, it was Central Middlesex which obtained a 'good' rating while Northwick Park was found wanting! Since then there have been major consequences in the NW London area for A&E services with major failures at Northwick Park AND within Imperial College Healthcare Trust in meeting the 95% target for seeing patients in A&E. We assume that you have seen the figures for this, but it is worth noting that not only are there major failures in meeting the target but that both Trusts have fallen significantly in the league tables of hospitals meeting the target. (Even prior to the 2 closures, St Mary's was reported as being already in 'winter mode' in July 2014.) Any claims that there is a London- or country-wide increase in demand simply cannot explain the landing at the bottom of the league tables. Further, there seems little concern at the knock-on effects on ambulance services when ambulances are left queuing outside hospitals.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: We live in a society whose government, police and industry have become 'rogue' and are fucking the people.


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Removal of resistance: We the people need to embrace DEMOCRACY and that means knowing our rights and TOGETHER using them. Unification: They have no right to abuse us, beat us down, break the law in front of us, laugh at us, steal our hospitals, frack our land, cut our childrens' education and call this 'freedom', 'modernity' and 'democracy'. All of history, past and future, REQUIRES that we take these criminals to task.
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