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'People own the public airwaves. Shouldn't they be pressing for broader and deeper uses of their property on television and radio?'   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Ralph Nader lists about two dozen 'knowledgeable, thoughtful, articulate Americans, mostly blocked out of the mainstream media and, for the most part, national public television and national public radio, [which state of affairs] demonstrate[s] the media's obsession with the tedious punditry of the well-connected corporatist and militaristic 'opinion oligopoly' in Washington and New York.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: So here are the names of those Mr Nader tells us about (he tells us much more than their names): Robert Fellmeth, Karen Ferguson, Jim Hightower, Edgar Cahn, S. David Freeman, Professor Rena Steinzor, Paul Hawken, Joel Rogers, Tom Devine, Robert McChesney, Bill Black, Lori Wallach, Danielle Brian, Colman McCarthy, Robert McIntyre, Lois Gibbs, Patrick Burns, Tom Geoghegan, Shelly Krimsky, Ramsey Clark, Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein, Ted Postol, Amory Lovins and Peter Bradford, Arthur Rosenfeld, Jerry Mander.


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Removal of resistance: Abandon all those soundbite mongers whose news articles somehow just end up shown to you because of the channels you watch, because of your Facebook page or whatever. Go looking for useful intelligent stuff - you'll be surprised at how much you find it easy to find out there/here. Unification: See the list via the link in the references below.
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over 200,000 readers across approximately 200 cities/towns


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