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The western war against 'excessive democracy'.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: 'Too much representation of the people' is a 'danger' which the western world has been struggling to face off for a long time, and some would not accept my opinion that it is losing that war very seriously and will soon be conquered absolutely by the people. Indeed there may not be much indication that hope in such a victory is warranted at this time. But then - maybe it is the innate decency of people I have faith in - the capacity for us to overthrow even the most sinister tyranny using nothing, in the end, but love and understanding - the grassroots of all 'democracy' (as we have labelled the notion of a society attempting to progress towards 'utopia'). Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The Trilateral Commission, as highlighted by Noam Chomsky in Necessary Illusions, indeed referred to this 'excess of democracy'.


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Removal of resistance: Murray Dobbin was recently writing about it in Counterpunch: 'The TLC book concluded, in the words of its American co-author Samuel Huntington, that the industrial countries suffered from 'an excess of democracy.' He wrote 'the effective operation of a democratic political system usually requires some measure of apathy.. on the part of some individuals and groups.' He bemoaned the fact that 'Marginal groups, as in the case of blacks, are now becoming full participants in the political system'. Unification: Dobbin warns us: 'Indeed inequality in particular has been a hot topic ever since the Occupy movement briefly swept the planet. Yet if you monitor the political debate in this country the two most important trends in our society and the world are virtually never mentioned except rhetorically. There are no serious policy prescriptions. Mass denial reigns.'
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