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TVhobo must never be a tool of the ruling order, the way Charlie Hebdo is, the Guardian is, the BBC is, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Times, the Sun - they are all tools of the ruling order.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Jefffrey St. Clair writes 'Charlie Hebdo's greatest failing, not that its cartoonists mocked the Prophet or skewered the Mullahs, but that the magazine became a tool of the ruling order, aiming its most savage work at the most vulnerable citizens of France: the weak, the marginalized and the dispossessed.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: I was upset recently that whilst TVhobo appears to have been more genuinely popular than Charlie Hebdo prior to the latter's huge rise in fame.


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Removal of resistance: I was upset that the Guardian promotes Charlie Hebdo and has adopted 'jesuischarlie' as a slogan. I was upset. That they do this for people like that but that they try and silence me through the usual mainstream intimidation, through refusing to even begin talking about my site even though I have attacked their rubbish, successfully, with far larger numbers of people reading it than the so-called satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo - and I was in my first year of existing as a publication and I spent close to nothing on setting up or running it.

It seemed wrong that they would be so purposeful about ignoring me, not allowing their readers to know I even exist - and then for such horrible sickos doing what we all see them doing now (i.e. for Charlie Hebdo).
Unification: But you see St. Clair has set me straight on that. TVhobo is not a tool of the ruling order. The behaviour of the ruling order towards TVhobo confirms that. It is not something to be unhappy about at all. Must be letting that mainstream elitist programming of my ideas override common sense a little. Never mind. There is always Counterpunch to remind you to look at your moral compass.

So for the record, for the ruling order, here are some notes: we the people will assemble. We the people own the judiciary. We the people own the media. We the people own the banks. We the people own the land. We the people will take it all back. You the pretenders will stand down. You the pretenders will submit to rule of law.
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(TVhobo's estimated size of readership since 2013, mainly in the UK and USA, with Germany in third place:
over 200,000 readers across approximately 200 cities/towns


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