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When Americans nationwide were asked, 'Whom or what do you most thank for your good health?' 54 percent credited God.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Kirkpatrick Sale writes 'Right there, you see why this nation is so sick. Why 2.5 million people die from diseases each year, mostly preventable, why the U.S. ranks 38th in a World Health Organization list of the world’s countries, why it ranks dead last in a 2013 academic study of healthcare in 17 industrialized nations.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Sale jests 'The leading causes in the U.S. are heart disease, cancer, strokes, lung disease, and diabetes - all of them largely preventable by healthy life styles, regular doctor visits, and appropriate medicines. None of them is known to be preventable by regular prayer or church attendance.'


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Removal of resistance: Furthermore, Sale clarifies 'God was the choice of 48 percent of the North (which some had thought Godless), 51 percent in the Midwest, 46 percent in the West, and 70 percent in the South. Is it any wonder that the South is the unhealthiest region in the nation by almost all measures?' Unification: This is a nation which wants to be taken seriously when opposing 'jihadis'. I ask you.
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