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Thrust of argument: John V Walsh points out 'The U.S. policy in the Middle East is a spectacular success for Israel even though it is disastrous for U.S, ambitions as unchallenged global hegemon. Israel's adversaries, Iraq, Syria and Libya lie in ruins. And the hatred in the Muslim world that has arisen from these ashes is directed at the U.S.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Walsh points out that 'the U.S. has quickened the mutual embrace of China and Russia by engineering an anti-Russian coup in Ukraine.'


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Removal of resistance: Walsh portrays the U.S. as being like one of those characters in the Brer Rabbit stories - and sees the U.S. as being tangled up in a 'tar baby'. Unification: Walsh warns all the jingoistic 'patriotic' racists that 'That said, we must recognize the criminality of the situation and the barabaric nature of Israelís designs. The peoples of the Middle East are absorbing enormous blows from the U.S. economic and military machine in the form of wars and economic sanctions. More suffering will follow. Is it any surprise that the likes of ISIS have arisen?'.
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