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The fact that no country beside the US possesses a pervasive, global spying system proves that the argument that 'all countries do it' is specious.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Dan Schiller writes 'After Snowden, however, Google, Facebook and others scrambled to distance themselves by professing outrage. Their protestations had little to do with political principle: US Internet corporations have built their businesses around mass spying for commercial purposes, on their own account and for their patrons, big advertisers and marketers.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: With reference to the rampant racism in the US (and UK and EU) towards the 1.5 or so billion Chinese people who constitute a large fraction of the human population: 'US leaders have vilified China for its alleged cyber-attacks against American businesses for years, just as the US has placed its own traps and backdoors into routers and other equipment supplied by the Chinese company, Huawei. It is easy to see a political motive: in an election year, a Democratic administration was able to claim China was a predator, taking jobs from US workers through theft of intellectual property. Showcasing China's transgressions subtly underlined that, among allies, the status quo of a US-centric digital capitalism remains the best alternative.'


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Removal of resistance: He mentions that China meanwhile has 'charged - not inaccurately - that the US maintained a 'cyber hegemony' (China Daily, 21 May 2014).' Unification: Self-criticism is the hallmark of truth.
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