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Thrust of argument: Eric Mann writes 'One of the most cruel and vicious lies of the system is to claim that the G.I.s came home from Vietnam to derision and hatred from a hippy, Black militant, radical anti-war movement-when in fact just the opposite was true. The anti-war movement was deeply involved with the G.I.s themselves, lead by a broad united front including many G.I.s. The truly remarkable film, Sir, No Sir, shows stories of the depth of anti-war activities including massive rallies of G.I.s (that would be militarily suppressed today) the direct revolt among the G.I.s, the drug use to avoid the horrors of war, and yes, the war crimes committed by many G.I.s on direct orders from the U.S. generals.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: As Chomsky explains (in Necessary Illusions) with mountains of evidence and clear reasoning, the success of the antiwar movement, of the press's attacks on Nixon and Watergate, led to a status quo where the establishment emasculated the media and reinforced their ability to wage war without any genuine consent from the population.


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Removal of resistance: Mann points out 'The great Muhammad Ali was a brilliant orator and organizer. He not only lost his world heavyweight title. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison because they rejected his conscientious objection to the war because they rejected his authentic Muslim beliefs which contradicted the hypocritical Christian ideology used to justify the war.' Unification: 'Recently, I was walking out of my hotel in New York. A black veteran, part of a volunteer organization helping returning vets, was leafleting the crowd and asking them to come to his table for more information. Hundreds of 'patriotic' hotel guests, on their way to enjoy the privileges of empire, walked right by him as if he was the Invisible Man.

I stopped to talk to him and I read his flyer explaining the work of his group. He showed me a flyer they were distributing to returning vets from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other sites of the U.S. war against the world. It said, 'Do you have night-time or daytime terror attacks? Are you wetting the bed, vomiting, so depressed you can't think, can't get out of bed, are you feeling violent towards yourself, feeling hatred and despising yourself, are you feeling violent towards loved ones, are you unable to work or even function? Are you taking massive amount of drugs, painkillers, alcohol? Do you feel lonely and terrified? Are you contemplating self-mutilation or suicide? Please call us–we want to help.'

We spoke for a long time, I made the most substantial contribution I could to his work and said I would find ways to tell his story and the story of his work.

Today, Veterans Day, I will read a few lines of this article from CounterPunch on our radio show, Voices from the Frontlines, of which I'm the host. It's on KPFK Pacifica, 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, at 4 PM PST and streaming live on the web at KPFK.org You'll be able to download it by Thursday from our website–www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com'

Stop ignoring important voices, humanity.
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