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The Guardian, like most of the British establishment, is blatantly a tool of the establishment and of rape.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Binoy Kampmark writes of the shameful hindu Indian rape culture: 'When sex is used, it can be a political or social weapon, a vengeful tool that sees lower caste women raped by upper caste individuals, or Dalit men hacked to death for falling in love with a woman of another caste. Such forms of vigilante policing the sort of policing that keeps body and uterus in their firmly allocated places have been exposed by a growing number of activists against the rigidity of gender roles. In Anisha Nair's words of simmering anger, 'Publically raping is 'Indian culture' but kissing an expression love is disgusting.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: It is because India is so islamophobic at this time and a military ally of NATO that they are not attacked for this obscene backward cultural FAILURE by the Guardian, NYT etc - a bunch of fucking pervert-backers, basically, because all they care about is their money and their establishment respectability, and so they are blind to what battles are real and what is propaganda. They join with the vilification of muslims by publishing dickheads like Suzanne Moore and then you have Julie Bindel misinforming people about Islam and sex, and the result is that in India, where Islam came along to get rid of all this sick behaviour and was then eliminated from power there by Colonial Queen Victoria and such types, and put back in the hands of rape culture, and it is Kampmark, not any Guardian writer, who makes sure we fucking know this. And Vltchek, he writes about it too. Fucking wake up, accessories to RAPE that you are, you fucking brainless propagandists.


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Removal of resistance: Read 'Year 501' by Noam Chomsky. Unification: Please. For the sake of all these rape victims, just fucking READ IT.
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