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Thrust of argument: Like this. On behalf of Max Keiser I definitely want to challenge Justin Welby's thanks to 'god' for Warren Buffet. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Justin Welby may be referred to Counterpunch also.


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Removal of resistance: There are quite a lot of highly debated issues relating to Walmart regarding inequality which Mr Welby could well need to look a bit more deeply into (perhaps some 'god' can guide him to more time for reading, but even then, it's an oversight which it is hard to explain rationally). Unification: So my challenge to Welby is that Counterpunch and Max Keiser amongst others contend that Buffet is no friend of equality. Indeed the amount of money the Buffet heirs have coming per head is often compared to the amount the entire rest of the USA has. Perhaps Welby has read all these things but feels no compulsion to defend Buffet against accusations before holding Buffet up without any evidence as some sort of - well something 'god' can be 'thanked' for. Yes. I find it hard to not just laugh as I write this, sorry Justin.

Anyway. Buffet aside, it was an interesting speech. But I cannot fail to voice what I know Max Keiser and Counterpunch have clearly and openly put into the debating arena about Buffet and I think Mr Welby needs to pay attention to that sort of information a little more when talking about 'inequality'. I won't pull out some direct references right here, and that's because it IS good to be kind and some people don't need the truth shoved down their throat to make them realise it's there.
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