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Thrust of argument: On the matter of the recent Republican senate victory in the US, Andrew Levine writes 'After this latest Republican landslide, the blame-the-people chorus is sounding out again louder than ever.

It seems that potential Democratic supporters African Americans, Hispanics, single women, gays and lesbians, and young voters of all descriptions were just too lazy to get out to vote in sufficient numbers to save the Senate and the world.

Therefore, Republicans, already proficient at voter suppression and at mobilizing (morally and mentally) dead white males and so-called Reagan Democrats who know better but still vote for Republicans, won.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: In Necessary Illusions, Chomsky wrote 'the Democrats were accused of being the instrument of these special interests and thus undermining 'the national interest,' tacitly assumed to be represented by the one sector notably omitted from the list of special interests: corporations, financial institutions, and other business elites.

The charge that the Democrats represent the special interests has little merit. Rather, they represent other elements of the 'national interest,' and participated with few qualms in the right turn of the post- Vietnam era among elite groups, including the dismantling of limited state programs designed to protect the poor and deprived; the transfer of resources to the wealthy; the conversion of the state, even more than before, to a welfare state for the privileged; and the expansion of state power and the protected state sector of the economy through the military system-domestically, a device for compelling the public to subsidize high-technology industry and provide a state-guaranteed market for its waste production. A related element of the right turn was a more 'activist' foreign policy to extend U.S. power through subversion, international terrorism, and aggression: the Reagan Doctrine, which the media characterize as the vigorous defense of democracy worldwide, sometimes criticizing the Reaganites for their excesses in this noble cause. In general, the Democratic opposition offered qualified support to these programs of the Reagan administration, which, in fact, were largely an extrapolation of initiatives of the Carter years and, as polls clearly indicate, with few exceptions were strongly opposed by the general population.'


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Removal of resistance: Chomsky writes 'Returning to post-World War II policy and ideology, it is, of course, unnecessary to contrive reasons to oppose the brutality of the Soviet leaders in dominating their internal empire and their dependencies while cheerfully assisting such contemporary monsters as the Ethiopian military junta or the neo-Nazi generals in Argentina. But an honest review will show that the primary enemies have been the indigenous populations within the Grand Area, who fall prey to the wrong ideas. It then becomes necessary to overcome these deviations by economic, ideological, or military warfare, or by terror and subversion. The domestic population must be rallied to the cause, in defense against 'Communism.'' Unification: We see it in Corbyn's Labour Party too - where the bulk of the party and the party line still belongs to corporations - Corbyn's own beliefs and those of the millions who support him personally remain sidelined and the corporate agenda persists. Action must be taken by voters and Labour Party members and anyone else who can and should - to change the way politics works in Britain - a new kind of politics shouldn't just be a slogan, it should be an actual progressive evolutionary change to British politics and one which perhaps can work with modern technologies, like blockchain, to produce genuinely accountable and democratic society. Infrastructure can be created for such a society now. Let's just start creating it. Why wait? For whom are we waiting?
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