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'To most Western intellectuals, one billion human lives that have become comfortable and full of dignity, means nothing! It is because to them, Chinese people mean nothing, as individuals or as a group.'   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Andrew Vltchek writes: 'Instead of talking with pride and encouragement about the enormous parks and green areas of Chinese cities, all that is repeated ad infinitum is Beijing's pollution, or the destruction of some 'hutons' those filthy and unsanitary hives where dozens of families used to shit into one hole. That, to Western eyes, was good stereotypical and typical of 'ancient' China, full of poor people. On the other hand, those proud, modern, high-quality housing towers with all their modern facilities, that are now the norm in all corners of the country, are 'annoying', even disturbing. And the fact that Chinese people want and have phones, good clothes, even cars, is seen as a proof of 'consumerism' and is used as an argument that China is not socialist, anymore! Because for many Western leftists, while they themselves have nothing against having villas by the sea, those living in the non-Western world have to be pure and poor, functioning like some sort of guinea pigs, if they want to be called Marxist.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: As we can see in today's dangerous behaviour by the US war machine in the neighbourhood of China, this matter should concern us all.


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Removal of resistance: Vltchek explains 'The goal of socialism or un-dogmatic communism is simple and clear a better life for the people. Better cities and villages, less fear, more culture, education, dignity and yes, more fun!' and points out that this is clearly what China is achieving. Unification: Vltchek mocks the 'western left' for being silent and complacent while 'The Western rulers also see China and Russia as the arch-enemies. Day and night, these two giant and mighty countries face vicious propaganda, smear and hate campaigns, provocations, and indirect attacks.'
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