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Thrust of argument: Andre Vltchek writes 'Many things that would be unimaginable just a decade or two ago, are now considered normal. The Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, has been elected for a second time. During the Western-backed Pinochetís dictatorship, she was held prisoner and brutally tortured'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: He points out 'In Brazil, a lady, a former guerrilla leader, is lifting tens of millions out of poverty, while turning her country into one of the most important and loved nations on earth. It is one of the pillars of BRICS. Its intellectuals, filmmakers, and writers, are stirring emotions and giving birth to dreams about a much better world.'


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Removal of resistance: And above all 'And Russia, the mighty Russia that was once on its knees, during that monstrous government of the pro-Western puppet Boris Yeltsin, is now back in its saddle, standing on the side of many progressive nations, all over the world. It has forgiven a tremendous, multi-billion dollar debt to Cuba, it is forging powerful alliances with Venezuela, Brazil, and other left-wing nations, and above all, it is finally creating a grand alliance with China.' Unification: Of particular importance:

'If they would only bother to speak to the African people, they would hear that China is admired and seen as the hope, by the African majority. They will hear that 'Chinese people are the first foreigners who treat Africans as human beings, even as equals', as I was repeatedly told at infrastructure construction sites all over East Africa.'
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