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Thrust of argument: Palestine Chronicle writes 'Joining protests against US President George W. Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, two American nuns finally found themselves on the country's terrorist watch list.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: It is reported that 'In 2002, they were jailed after breaking into an unmanned missile site in northeastern Colorado in protest over the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.'


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Removal of resistance: So this is what our governments call 'terrorists' these days - nuns, breaking into a site where remote control killing of people worldwide goes on at the hands of our governments troops - and protesting. Unification: That 'scares' them. That 'terrorises' them. It's the corporations who are scared. And it's up to us to help the state overthrow the corporations. No doubt you can read about plenty of soldiers who don't like what our armies are apparently being made to do. On this site there is some reference to material in which it is alleged that British soldiers voted to leave the EU as they felt the EU was too instrumental in enabling the US government to be in control of what British soldiers do.

So think about those nuns and how it's really not at all amusing to go around labelling nuns terrorists, particularly when they go out and do the one thing it is clearly above all their calling to do.
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