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Why vigilantes, regardless of their politics, can fuck off.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: In an article by David Ragland, Wayne Adams, Mahdis Azarmandi and Mark Lance, Counterpunch says: 'Handmaiden to structural violence are media perceptions that characterize and stereotype all protestors as violent, even when the vast majority are peacefully working toward productive change. This, in turn, directly feeds the official rhetoric of fear and preparation to suppress community rebellion - preparations that look an awfully lot like staging grounds for war. Media drumbeats of impending war also prompt vigilante preparations that exacerbate racial divides and promote even greater structural violence'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: As the case of Ferguson shows, the 'vigilantes' of the world tend to be the cause of all our troubles.


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Removal of resistance: There is a difference between defending communities and vigilante brands of self-appointed militarism (and outwardly mobile violence). Unification: What we need is to strengthen the state and use it to deliver genuine democracy to society and overpower all those tyrannical influences which take turns hijacking the state, from corporations to mad groups of feudal racists, etc etc etc.

If you feel the government/administration and its workers are serving corporations before you, do what it takes to help that government serve you before the corporations - work with the government. Whichever one co-operates with you wins - if you fight the state instead of your own natural subservience to consumerism, corporatism's source of self-perpetuation, the corporations keep winning. If you change sides...
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